Bidding and Buying

1. Log In

You need to be logged in to place bids - for help on this, see the Logging In page in the Help Topics on the left.

2. Placing a bid

When you have found what you want to bid on, click the left hand price box highlighted below. This will take you to the page of that item to confirm your bid.

3. Confirming your bid.

Below is what you'll see once completing step 2. There are multiple options on this page:

i. Maximum Bid: This is the most you are willing to pay for that item - no other bidders can see this. We will keep bidding the minimum amount possible until you are either the highest bidder, or the bid reaches your maximum amount. We'll e-mail you when we have placed a bid for you, or when the bidding has exceeded your maximum amount.

ii. Confirmation: Once you are happy with your bid ammount, continue to the Summary Page by either clicking the black 'Bid Now' circle, or the 'Confirm' button shown in your orange basket in the top right corner of the page.

iii. Buy it now: Alternatively, you can Buy it Now for the higher price shown in the circle. You will automatically win this item for that price, and be taken to the Summary Page where you can confirm the purchase.

4. Bidding Sumamry

If you have chosen to bid you will be taken to the below screen. If you have chosen Buy it now, continue to step 5.

The below screen will summarize all items that you have pending bids on. You will not have sucessfully placed the bid until you click the 'Confirm' button at the bottom of the summary. If you change your mind and do not wish to bid on any product(s), click the 'x' on the right hand side of that line to remove it from the summary. Once you are happy, click confirm. You will then be taken to your Dashboard - for more help on this, see the My Dashboard help page.

5. Buy Summary

After clicking Buy it now, you will be taken to the Buy Summary shown below. There are multiple options on this page:

i. Invoice & Delivery Address: Select the addresses you require from the drop down menu. To add a new address, go to the My Details help page on the left and follow the steps.

ii. Delivery Type: Chose your delivery type from the drop down menu. The price will automatically update for you to review.

iii. Payment Type: Select your payment type from the drop down menu. Please note a 2% surcharge will apply unless usings BACS. This will update automatically when selected.

When you are happy with your invoice, click submit to complete your purchase! This will take you to the relevent payment page.

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