My Details

1. My Details

Once logged in, click 'My iForce Auctions top right, and then click 'My Details'. This page has 5 tabs for information, and the follow steps will walk you through them.

2. About You

This section is for basic details about you. This includes first name, last name & e-mail address. Click save, and then the orange arrow on the right to go to the next section.

3. Interested In

This section will give us a better idea of what you want; and then when we know what you want, we can do our best to let you know first when that stock becomes available. Select detail from the 3 boxes, then when you are happy with your choices, click save, and then the orange arrow on the right.

4. Billing Info

The Billing Info section will be for your billing address; update the fields as you'd expect, then you can then move on. The next section will lead on from this directly as it is managing addresses.

5. Managing Addresses

For this, you can add new addresses, selecting whether they're for delivery, billing or both. You can also select your default address from this screen.

6. VAT Registration

Are you VAT Registered? If not, select no. If you are, simply click yes, and enter the details below. Click next to save & continue.

7. Completed!

Well done for completing the My Details page - feel free to browse, bid & buy!

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