My Dashboard

1. Go to My Dashboard

Once logged in, click 'My iForce Auctions' top right, and then 'My Dashboard'.

2. The Dashboard

The dashboard features a few sections that'll be explained over the next few bullet points.

Running Bids & Status will show you all of the auctions you are winning and loosing.

Ended Auctions Bidding Status will show you all finished auctions that you have either won or lost.

Invoices will list all invoice that are either paid, or awaiting payment.

Interested in Departments is a user created list of quick links to their favrouite products.

Admin is a visual summary of all auctions with a colour coded status.

3. Running Bids & Status

This section will show all live auctions that you have bid on. It'll be split by a Winning & Losing tab with options on both to increase your maximum bid and to view your current bid if you're winning. It also allows you to view how many bids there have been and how long is remaining on the auction.

4. Ended Auctions Bidding Status

This is the same as the previous section, Running Bids & Status, but is for auctions that has ended. It'll show you a summary of the auction, split on tabs by Won & Lost.

5. Invoices

Once you have won an auction, your invoice should appear in this section within an hour with the option to view, amend & pay. If not, contact our Customer Service Team.

6. Interested in Departments

This section will display your favourite product criteria that you have selected in the My Details section. To update this, follow the link which will take you to the My Details page, and then click 'Interested In'.

7. Admin

The admin section will break down all of your current stats in an easy-to-read, colour co-ordinated stat wheel. Hovering over one of these will show you how many auctions, invoices etc... you have in that category. Clicking on a section of the wheel will take you to the page to view in more detail.

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