iForce Auctions has ‘The X-Factor’!

30 lucky customers are in with achance to win an X-Factor Solus game in a special Christmas draw

Online retailer iForce Auctions is already full of Christmas cheer, and is running a special draw in November and December, where all of its customers will automatically be given the chance to win one of 30 ‘The X Factor: Solus’ games. The games are compatible with a Playstation 3, and could be won simply by placing an order; single, pallet or bulk. The lucky winners will then be able to karaoke their way into the New Year, as well as having bagged bargains on the iForce Auctions site too.

To be eligible, customers will have to have completed and paid for a purchase between November 29th and December 19th 2013, to be automatically entered into the X Factor draw. Winners will be drawn randomly.

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