Join our iForce Auctions Summer of Fun

Join our iForce Auctions Summer of Fun!

The Summer is here, the schools are out for six weeks and to celebrate we are bringing a series of weekly competitions to our existing customers and hopefully some new ones. All of our competitions have real prizes and so real winners. All of the competitions will be publicised on our social media accounts, Twitter and Facebook.

Of course competitions might not be your thing, but you can still be a winner, by saving some money on our website, Visit now and view some of the red hot bargains available, from power tools to juicers and garden furniture, we’ve got the lot and everything, yes EVERYTHING is discounted, so everyone’s a winner, when you buy from us.

All of our auctions close at 12 noon on Thursday, but if you can’t wait and don’t want to be out-bid, you can use the “buy-now” option and close the auction down.

So come join us for a Summer of fun and saving money now!

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