How can you make money online by buying Returned stock

How can you make money online by buying Returned stock?

iForce Auctions, part of the iForce Group, is an online retailer, providing onward sales solutions for a variety of UK retailers since 2008. Products include all types of end of line products, stock clearances, over stock, de-rangers and raw customer returns for clients such as Tesco, B&Q, GLTC, House of Fraser, BHS, John Lewis and Worldstores. These products offer canny consumers, whether B2B or B2C, an opportunity to make money through the purchase of good quality Returns for great reductions, for them to have the opportunity to sell on for a healthy profit.

As an example, 22 Pallets of Raw Returned Small Domestic Appliance Stock would have a RRP of £30,385, but at iForce Auctions a Bidding price of £3,640, thus a saving of over £26,689. This is just one example of daily opportunities via iForce Auctions.

Since its launch in 2008, retailers have increasingly realised the value in onward sales and iForce Auctions has been a pioneer in this area, helping to drive sold stock back up the value chain to sell on in either containers, pallet or single item sales. All single items offer savings of approximately 40% of RRP. All items go through a grading process.

iForce Auctions can be found via three online points; eBay, Facebook and its own bespoke site,, and offers next day delivery and a variety of payment options.

Anyone, whether a B2C or a B2B is eligible to buy from iForce Auctions, and possibly earn themselves an average 80% saving on RRP of a variety of quality items.

The variety of stock includes DIY, Electrical, furniture, homeware, leisure and outdoor, all offered as bulk, pallet or single item deals through iForce Auctions, from brands such as Tesco, Fisher Price, Panasonic, Lego, Bosch, Flymo and Makita. iForce Auctions are also Tesco’s official B2B outlet helping consumers save up to 90% on original prices.

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