A - New

New Stock - As new, straight from supplier/store, this stock is current, usually overstock/excess inventory.
End Of Line - Discontinued/superseded stock, in good condition, plus any returned items that would be fit for return to store resale, but are no longer on sale. Please note that the items are only visually inspected for grading and this does not imply that the items are in fully working order.

B - Graded

Has been returned and appears to be in good condition from a visual check. The visual inspection does not imply the items are all fully working or safe as we do not test it is only an indication that the goods are in better condition that raw returns. This stock traditionally has packaging damage, cosmetic damage or occasionally components missing and as above may be faulty or not as we do not test.

C - Raw

This stock is unchecked, as returned by customer, normally a mixture of faulty/damaged, potentially parts missing, unsuitable orders, i.e incorrect size/colour and some items could be potentially unsafe. This is the lowest price stock, but with potentially perfect items mixed in. As a precaution we recommend that all items be tested before further onward sale to a Consumer.

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